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We can't be anybody except exactly who we are. And, no matter how hard we try, we can't be perfect either. That said, if we're having trouble there is something that we want, but there's something about ourselves that's getting in the way of our getting it,


e can cobody's perfect,  matter how hard we try, we will never be perfect; however, what we can do is strive to make optimal progress if we "P.A.C.E." ourselves.  In other words, 

  • Progress is usually best when we're able to ....

  • Accommodate .... personal difficulties, differences, & disabilities

  • Compensate .... for relative personal weaknesses with other personal strengths

  • Elevate .... ourselves utilizing available external and internal resources

Shoshana Taubman, PsyD

"I view the therapeutic process as a collaborative one, in which the therapist and client, or client family, work as partners to devise strategies for achieving a set of mutually upon goals." 

By acquiring important life skills and accessing important resources, the individuals & families with whom I work strengthen their capacity to overcome obstacles and welcome exciting opportunities.

-Shoshana Taubman, PsyD


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