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Sometimes, the most effective way

to overcome an obstacle,

is by using it as an invaluable learning opportunity.

     - Shoshana Taubman, PsyD

About Me

From an early age, I realized that, my strong passion for helping others, and growing interest in child development and behavior, would lead to my pursuing a career as a helping professional, so that I'd have an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children, teens, and families, in need.

Now, more than 15 years into my career as a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, I am deeply encouraged to discover that the passion I had for helping children, teens, and families, in need, has only grown stronger, the longer that I've been working in this profession.

Professional History

Since 2005, I have provided a broad range of specialized psychological services including psychotherapy, psychosocial assessment, developmental evaluations, and parenting education and support, as a licensed clinical psychologist, in both public and private sector outpatient healthcare settings.   I've worked with children and adolescents, of all ages and diverse backgrounds, who experience a wide range of life troubles and concerns, and their families. I have also provided parenting education and support classes and consultation services to parents of children of all ages.  By acquiring important life skills, and gaining access to important resources, the children and families with whom I work strengthen their capacity to overcome a wide range of life's challenges and obstacles, and improve their ability to make meaningful gains toward achieving important personal and family goals.

My Approach to Psychotherapy

I would describe my approach to treatment as goal-driven, solution-focused, strength-based, and client-centered overall. I view the therapeutic process as a collaborative partnership, in which and you, as the client or client family, and I, as the therapist, will each draw from our unique, and yet equally valuable, perspectives and personal areas of expertise, to devise strategies for advancing toward achieving a set of specific, measurable, and reasonably attainable treatment goals that will be both pre-determined, and also mutually agreed upon.

How I Approach Psychotherapy with a Child or Adolescent

While the goals of treatment may primarily relate to the needs of a child or a teen, experience has shown me that treatment tends to be far more effective when the family system, within which the child/teen is growing and evolving, is making an effort to grown and evolve, along with the child/teen. ​For that reason, in addition to individual therapy with the child or teen, any treatment involving a child or teen will also include, to some extent, at least one of the following: - separate parent collateral consultation sessions - family or parent-child dyad therapy sessions - parenting support, education, and resource recommendations​

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